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Fathoms Between Cover Reveal


The cover for Fathoms Between, book 3 in the Star Crossed series, was released a few weeks ago in March on Instagram. I was smack dab in the middle of edits at the time, so I didn't have a chance to post it anywhere else except for a little share on Twitter, but now that I'm done with revisions (for now lol), I wanted to share it on here as well!

I did the cover release a little differently this time. I really want to increase the hype for this book, so I took a page out of Epic Reads's book and released one piece of the cover at a time until the entire thing was put together. Kind of like a big, awesome, mythical, magical book puzzle!

First thing I love about this cover: my name! Seeing my name on the covers of my books NEVER gets old. Author friends, am I right?

The second thing I love about this cover: the quote! It's so mysterious and intriguing. I can't believe I almost went with another one before deciding this one sounded better.

Sooo sparkly 😍💖 Third thing I love about this cover (if you haven't already guessed 😉): THE SPARKLES! They really capture the magical and mythical aspects of the Star Crossed series, not to mention they're totally eye-catching. Plus, who doesn't love sparkles??

Fourth thing I love about this book cover: can we TALK about that font for a minute? I can't even deal with how swirly and mythical it looks! If I was a goddess, this is how I imagine my handwriting would opposed to the chicken scratch it is now lol.

Any guesses as to what this sparkly, glowing object might be? 😉🌺 Fifth thing I love about this book cover: THE COLORS! I'm not normally a pink lover. I tend to gravitate more towards blues and earth tones. But when I first saw this image I swooned! I think I could stare at it for hours and not get tired of looking at it.

Last thing I love about this cover: it continues with the theme of the previous 2! I am a huge fan of series-covers all relating to one another somehow bc they all follow the same storyline.

AND HERE IT IS!! The complete cover for Fathoms Between!!! (Flails wildly) 😱 As always, a huge thanks to my cover artist, Romolo Tovani, for doing such a phenomenal job! This image really captures the feel of the story in a way I never could have dreamed. It's magical and mythical, mysteriously beautiful, and alluring with a slight hint of danger. There is literally NOTHING I don't love about it, and I hope you guys love it too!! 😗

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